Pia is an artist painting with oil, acrylic and ink. She also works with Bronze.

Her paintings are mostly completely abstract in vibrant colours. Her work with the brush is at first chaotic but will soon end up in strict lines. Some find a little of Georgia o’Keffee in her paintings. The colours are let to concur the canvas in coorporation with the brush and the wilderness seems to be controlled by the sharp lines. Further acquaintance reveals that she has her own technique and in many of her paintings you will see the combination of strict lines and random running ink. You will always recognice her for the vibrant colors.

Pia has been creative since she was 15 years old. Started up creating masks in plasma, painted them in various patterns, put a silk string inside them so they could hang on the wall.

                “My mom brought the masks with her to work, and sold them for me.

                I guess after that I have always been creative in some way. Selling

                my first artwork 15 years old was very inspiring”

Pia is from Copenhagen and she was educated in the financial sector. She has been a Key Account Manager for many years and later she was educated Project Manager and has been working in the financial sector for more than 30 years.

In many years Pia was playing with all kinds of creative work. She has been painting china, designed a lot of close for herself and her friends. Worked with decorations and designs. In 1983 and 1984 she attended Kunsthåndværkerskolen (art school) in Copenhagen. After that she made a lot of drawings, and worked with akvarel, but her true love is acrylics and oil.

                “I often paint the canvas with acrylics and then to get a better debt in

                the colours, I finish the painting with oil. I think it bringss a better quality

                to the painting when you can see all the layers that have been

                provided to the canvas”

Since 2004 Pia has been working seriously with her paintings. At that time, she made a decision that she would like to paint with the purpose of selling.

                “I sat down and said to myself – you are not going to be headhunted,

                if you want to sell you have to tell everybody who you are and what you do”

Then it all began, and beside having a job Pia has sold most of her work during the years. In 2016 she decided to live from her art, and in the last year her work has been represented in exhibition in Denmark Germany and in Jersey/UK

The layer of paint in the paintings give away the struggle it has been to find the right design. Often you can see colours in the back which are almost nonexistent, but they have been a part of the process to the final result. Vibrant strong colours often exploding on the canvas.

Telefon +45 2932 5060

A world in color